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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does X‑Treme Tape work?

A: X‑Treme Tape is a self-fusing tape. Ingredients in the silicone cause it to permanently bond to itself when stretched or forced together.

Q: What is the shelf life of X‑Treme Tape? How should I store it?

A: X‑Treme Tape has a 5 year shelf life (from date of Manufacture) when stored at room temperature. Prolonged exposure to excessive temperatures can lessen the application bond of the tape. Simply keep X‑Treme Tape in a clean and dry environment where dust and oils can't get to it. The best way is to maintain it in a plastic bag or container.

Q: How much time after wrapping before X-Treme Tape is fused?

A: The tighter you stretch X-Treme Tape, the quicker it bonds. In most cases, X-Treme Tape bonds in just seconds and takes just a minute or two to become permanent. The quality standards and special silicone compound used to make X-Treme Tape allow it to bond fast.

Q: How much X‑Treme Tape is needed?

A: When X‑Treme Tape is applied as directed, you will be half-lapping the tape onto itself forming a double layer. A single wrap is usually enough for most non-pressure applications such as electrical wiring. However, when sealing leaks, the more you use and the tighter it's stretched the better it will seal. A typical pressure repair will require at least 3 or 4 tightly stretched layers and wrapped at least 3 to 5 inches on both sides of the damaged area. You can always add layers later on as necessary.

Q: Which side of X‑Treme Tape tape sticks?

A: X‑Treme Tape works on either side, because there is no adhesive. X‑Treme Tape is a solid ribbon of special silicone material which permanently bonds to itself and will and never come unraveled. When you wish to remove X‑Treme tape, simply cut it with a scissors or a utility knife. There's no sticky, gooey mess after X‑Treme Tape has been removed. The object will be as clean and dry as the day X‑Treme Tape was applied!

Q: Does the surface of my project have to be clean?

A: No, but a clean dry surface will help X‑Treme Tape perform at its best. As long as you can overlap X‑Treme Tape onto itself, it will work, even if the object being wrapped is wet, dirty, or oily. Because X‑Treme Tape sticks only to itself you should avoid allowing any dirt, oil or debris between layers as this would interfere with the bonding surfaces.

Q: How long will a repair made with X‑Treme Tape last?

A: Some X‑Treme Tape repairs can last for years. However, there are many factors which affect a repair, including the surface conditions of the object, the environment, the amount of tape used, and the amount of tension applied when X‑Treme Tape is wrapped. Because conditions and methods of use are beyond the manufacturer's control, neither manufacturer nor seller will assume any responsibility for the use or misuse of this product.

Because X‑Treme Tape is not designed to be a permanent repair (especially on pressure parts), most objects repaired with X‑Treme Tape should eventually be repaired or replaced with original equipment components.

Q: Can I get X‑Treme Tape in different widths, thicknesses or colors?

A: Yes, but in commercial/wholesale quantities only. Please contact us to discuss your company's requirements.

Q: Where can I buy X‑Treme Tape?

A: You may purchase small quantities of X‑Treme Tape directly from our Online Store. If you are interested in purchasing case quantities, please contact us with your width, length and quantity requirements and pricing can be provided to you.

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