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All X-TREME TAPE products are made from the same special self-bonding silicone material. X-TREME TAPE is available in various widths, lengths and colors in bulk or with unique packaging for specific applications. For example, 1-1/2" wide is more appropriate and easier to handle for sealing and repairing larger items such as HVAC ducts and vacuum lines, so we offer specially packaged X-Treme Tape Wrap for Ducts, Joint & Hoses.

X-Treme Tape How-To Video

Demonstration of how to use XTreme Tape

X-Treme Tape Consumer Video

See how X-Treme Tape can be used for Home and Consumer Applications!

X-Treme Tape Industrial Video

Learn about using X-Treme Tape for various Industrial Applications!

X-Treme Tape USA Trade Show Video

View this video to see what stops people in their tracks at the various Trade Shows and Exhibitions where X-Treme Tape is displayed!

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